About Us

Mission Statement:



The Beginning of Agon, Inc.

Agon Inc. is one of the fastest-growing outsourced sales and marketing firms in the DC metro area. Established in 2014, Agon Inc. works with large clients from a variety of different product providers in the North America market. Today Agon Inc is one of the most reputable names in the world of sales, marketing, customer acquisition, and business development. Agon Inc is a firm that keeps evolving over time. Our culture, goals, members and ethics all reflect our company’s hard work, motivation, and success record. From the beginning, we have strived for our client’s satisfaction and loyalty. Under the leadership of a strong-willed, focused CEO, highly skilled executives, and a sharp team of professionals, Agon Inc is on the front lines of the corporate world. With the skills and a sense of purpose, we are able to produce results that have tremendous and lasting effects.


Supporting Your Business Needs

Agon Inc is a highly developed marketing and sales firm. Excellent results and astonishing sale boosts are trademarks of our company. We believe in excellence and deliver on our promise. Direct marketing strategy is our specialty. In today’s fast-paced corporate world, people lack the time and inclination to engage with customers directly. These big clients handle indirect marketing, which, due to technological advances in marketing strategy, is gradually becoming less effective. We specialize in a direct marketing strategy that develops long-term customers through face-to-face interaction. Our team members personally meet with your customers to nurture long-lasting customer relationships and loyalty.

Where we are going

A Peek In The Future

Agon Inc. is determined to be one of the largest marketing firms in the Mid-Atlantic region. Since opening our doors, Agon has expanded to 4 additional locations including Tampa, Florida, Maryland and Houston, Texas. We are on track to open five new locations by the end of the year. By the next ten years we see Agon expanding widely throughout the US.
We are looking to expand to at least 15 different states over the next decade. We are looking to diversify our client base in the near future and are confident in our employees’ ability to nurture growth and maintain the highest level of success. The business insight, thorough marketing knowledge, up to date information regarding the newest trends and latest technology make us one of the most promising companies in the near future. Our guaranteed return on investment makes Agon Inc. attractive to the most successful Fortune™ 500 clients.

Our Team

Tarek beidas

Tarek Beidas is the founder and CEO of Agon Inc. Born in Washington, DC, he currently resides in Tysons Corner. He graduated from Old Dominion with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and a minor in Real Estate.
Tarek always had a keen interest in entrepreneurship and a strong work ethic, which led to his success in the business and marketing world. He is looking for people who have the same interests, can prove their dedication, and realize their dreams of business ownership.
In his spare time, he enjoys exploring new local restaurants and traveling. He plans to expand his organization to be known as the most prominent marketing firm in the area. He is dedicated but also knows how to have fun.

Tarek Beidas